Обложка книги Rethinking Time at Work

Rethinking Time at Work

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ISBN: 0871542862;
Издательство: Russell Sage Foundation Publications

Though there are still just twenty-four hours in a day, society?s idea of who should be doing what and when has shifted. Time, the ultimate scarce resource, has become an increasingly contested battle zone in American life, with work, family, and personal obligations pulling individuals in conflicting directions. In "Fighting for Time," editors Cynthia Fuchs Epstein and Arne Kalleberg bring together a team of distinguished sociologists and management analysts to examine the social construction of time and its importance in American culture. "Fighting for Time" opens with an exploration of changes in time spent at work?both when people are on the job and the number of hours they spend there?and the consequences of those changes for individuals and families. Contributors Jerry Jacobs and Kathleen Gerson find that the relative constancy of the average workweek in America over the last thirty years hides the fact that blue-collar workers are putting in fewer hours while...

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