Обложка книги Gateways to the Global Economy

Gateways to the Global Economy


ISBN: 1840643897;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

In the post-industrial network economy, international gateway regions are becoming increasingly important. These gateway regions are the nodes (defined as a city or a city region) that act as saddle points between a region and the global economy. While gateway regions have existed ever since inter-regional trade was first practiced, new non-trade networks, and the wider global economy, have made these regions more complex. The book includes discussions of infrastructure networks such as the internet and air transport, as well as networking activities such as long-distance scientific cooperation, financial networks and direct investments. The contributors have expertise in fields such as regional economics, economic geography, institutional economics and business administration. The book offers in-depth analysis of both existing and developing gateway regions in three sections: North America, Asia-Pacific,and Europe. Economists and researchers with an interest in regions,...