Обложка книги The Myth of Homeland Security

The Myth of Homeland Security

ISBN: 0471458791;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

"As I write this, I?m sitting in a restaurant in a major U.S. airport, eating my breakfast with a plastic knife and fork. I worked up quite an appetite getting here two hours early and shuffling in the block-long lines until I got to the security checkpoint where I could take off my shoes, remove my belt, and put my carry-on luggage through the screening system "What?s going on? It?s homeland security. Welcome to the new age of knee-jerk security at any price. Well, I?ve paid, and you?ve paid, and we?ll all keep paying?but is it going to help? Have we embarked on a massive multibillion-dollar boondoggle that?s going to do nothing more than make us feel more secure? Are we paying nosebleed prices for "feel-good" measures? "This book was painful to write. By nature, I am a problem solver. Professionally I have made my career out of solving complex problems efficiently by trying to find the right place to push hard and...