Обложка книги The Politics of Internet Communication

The Politics of Internet Communication

ISBN: 0742529258;
Издательство: Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)

The book is a comprehensive study of the intersection of politics and the Internet. The use of longitudinal data and the identification of landmark events frame a narrative that views the Internet as having evolved substantially since its origin. Major issues considered include Internet development, user base, social relationships, citizenship, advocacy, journalism, and government. An in-depth discussion of cyberlaw provides an accessible framework for understanding the legal treatment of key issues suchas music file sharing, privacy, terrorism, spam, pornography, and domain names. The book captures the vitality of Internet politics. Original research is embedded in lively writing and illustrated with compelling examples from the colorful history of theInternet. The book finds much humor in the politics of Internet communication ranging from vociferous positions on imaginary legislation to the animal rights group PETA's attempt to take peta.org from "People Eating Tasty Animals."...

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