Обложка книги Computer Law: The Law and Regulation of Information Technology

Computer Law: The Law and Regulation of Information Technology

ISBN: 0199205965; 978-0-19920-596-7;
Издательство: Oxford University Press, USA
Страниц: 674

Early treatment of computer law was no more than the application of existing principles to novel sets of facts. Today it has been recognized generally that computing technology does indeed give rise to unique legal problems which are not resolvable by applying existing legal principles. This is particularly apparent where transactions are carried out through the exchange of digital information rather than human interaction. The developing law which seeks to resolve these problems is at the heart of the latest edition of this book, now established as a standard text on computer and information technology law for both students and practitioners. Topics covered range from contractual matters and intellectual property protection to electronic commerce, data protection and liability of internet service providers. Competition law issues are integrated into the various commercial sections as they arise to indicate their interaction with information technology law. The new edition of this...