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N. Nikolaidis, Ioannis Pitas

3-D Image Processing Algorithms

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ISBN: 0471377368, 9780471377368
Издательство: Wiley-Interscience
Год издания: 2000
Страниц: 192
Thorough, up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of 3-D image processing This authoritative guide presents and explains numerous 3-D image processing, analysis, and visualization techniques, including volume filtering, interpolation, 3-D discrete Fourier transform, evaluation of topological and geometrical features, region segmentation and edge detection, skeletonization and registration, and visualization. Necessary theoretical background is provided for each topic, along with a number of algorithms, selected on the basis of their acceptance by the scientific community. The presentation of each technique includes a commented implementation, either in C code or in C-like pseudocode. Though presented in an almost ready-to-run form, the C code is simplified to expose the structure of the processing algorithms, rather than their programming details. This combination of theoretical treatment and C code implementation allows readers to gain a thorough insight into these...