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Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler: Letters To His Wife

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ISBN: 0801443407
Издательство: Cornell University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 431
Book DescriptionGustav Mahler and Alma Maria Schindler were married in . . . 1902. The bride was twenty-one and a half years old, her groom a few months short of forty-two. Apart from their substantial age difference, it seems to have been the very disparity of their intellectual and social backgrounds that drew them together. Mahler was attracted to Alma by her beauty, her alert mind and emotional intensity. Though aware that he possessed by far the broader outlook, he trusted in Alma?s ability andwillingness to learn from him."?from the Introduction "Once the stiffness of unfamiliarity has been softened by a few months of marriage, Mahler?s style of correspondence with Alma is generally simple, direct, and astonishingly down-to-earth. In a manner akin to that of his musical style, he spikes his language with witticisms and double-entendres, colloquialisms and quotations from librettos and classical works of literature."?from the Preface This profusely...