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M. Mohammadian, International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory an, Masoud Mohammadian

Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications

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ISBN: 1586030434
Издательство: Washington DC
This book is dedicated to the theory and applications of Intelligent Systems. Research and development work in Intelligent Systems area is growing rapidly due to many successful applications of these new techniques in very diverse problems. "Intelligent Systems and Techniques" cover many fields such as neural networks, (adaptive) fuzzy logic, evolutionary computing and their hybrids and derivatives. This book is to provide highlights of the current research in Intelligent Systems area. It consists of research papers in the fields of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing, Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Discovery, Intelligent Agents, Image Processing, Robotics and Automation, Speech Recognition, Signal Processing and Control, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, Case-based Reasoning and Clustering.