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Lynn Allen

AutoCAD 2002 Inside & Out: Practical Techniques and Expert Insights for Maximum Productivity

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ISBN: 157820075X
Издательство: CMP Books
Achieve Maximum Productivity with Practical Techniques and Expert Insights As the AutoCAD Technical Evangelist, Lynn Allen is uniquely qualified to guide you to maximum productivity with AutoCAD 2002. She has distilled eight years of her "Circle andLines" column from CADENCE magazine to show you the path to AutoCAD enlightenment. Along the way, you will learn how to: ·Make AutoCAD easier and faster to use ·Automate tedious and repetitive tasks ·Customize AutoCAD to fit your needs The path she has designed is broken into three different sections: No Stress, Low Stress, and Bring on the Aspirin! The No Stress section covers the basics - although even the pros might find some meaty productivity tips in sections that address modifying object properties, construction commands, multilines, and the AutoCAD DesignCenter. The Low Stress section cranks up the dial a bit and wanders into slightly more advanced territory including external references, changes...