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Tim Gottleber

Bulletproof UNIX

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ISBN: 0130930288
Издательство: Prentice Hall
/*0-13-093028-8, 9302H-9, Gottleber, Tim, Bulletproof UNIX*/ Written in a personal style that guides the reader through the learning process, this stand alone tool for the learning of UNIX presents topics in the order users need to understand them logically and develop a cohesive picture of covered concepts. Professionals will enjoy a large number of illustrations showing HOW the commands work, and testing their knowledge by trying the command series to see if they get the same results. Chapter topics cover getting started; file handling in UNIX; file matching metacharacters, commands, and history; Editing 101?meet ed; Editing 102?ed's big brother ex; visual editing with vi; interesting commands; tools and concepts; process control; regular expressions and the grep sisters; types of text processing; awk; and shell scripting. For anyone who uses UNIX, and anyone who needs to become a proficient UNIX user.