Обложка книги Call Center Continuity Planning

Call Center Continuity Planning


ISBN: 0849399823;
Издательство: Auerbach Pub

A disruption in your call center operation can conceivably cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. And multiple disruptions can cost in the millions. Call Center Continuity Planning shows you how to plan for - and avoid - service interruptions throughdisasters large and small. This book will show you how to deal with everything from power outages to major hurricanes. Should you use external Call Volume Management (CVM) solutions such as pre-established procedures for disaster call routing? Or, shouldyou use internal solutions such as planning for a company cold site, virtual call center, or use of the excess capacity of your other call center during emergency?What about managing call volumes to cope with non-emergency seasonal or time of day peaks? Can you use your call centers minimum daily overflow of calls as a benefit rather than a problem? What is involved in contracting to outsource call handling to another call center in terms of effectiveness, expertise, technology, and...