Обложка книги CICS : A Guide to Internal Structure (The Wiley-Qed Mainframe)

CICS : A Guide to Internal Structure (The Wiley-Qed Mainframe)

ISBN: 0471521728;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 332

The most comprehensive and useful CICS handbook available anywhere... This comprehensive handbook offers systems programmers the inside story on the internal structure of CICS - information you won't find in the official manuals, information that was previously available only through expensive classes. You will learn how the major CICS components, tables, and control blocks interact and how to use this knowledge to diagnose and solve performance problems, reduce down-time, and make your system run the way the sales rep said it would. CICS expert Eugene S.Hudders covers all versions of mainframe "CICS: CICS/VS, CICS/MVS, CICS/ESA, and CICS/VSE". His extensive coverage of "CICS/ESA" (version 3) is not currently available from any other source, and the figures used to support that coverage are unique to this book. Every chapter is supplemented with numerous figures to illustrate and clarify the concepts presented. Hudders's nuts-and-bolts approach to often complex issues...