Обложка книги CINEMA 4D : The Artist's Project Sourcebook (Digital Media Academy Series)

CINEMA 4D : The Artist's Project Sourcebook (Digital Media Academy Series)

ISBN: 1578202426;
Издательство: CMP Books

Cinema 4D is a 3-D modeling and animation application widely used to produce anything from simple logos to complex visualizations regularly seen in broadcast animation and motion-picture special effects. Cinema 4D: The Artist's Project Sourcebook delivers the instruction and coursework required of an academically complete textbook. Packed with inventive approaches for using and combining tools and materials as well as a DVD featuring libraries, materials, model ideas, and animation examples, this volume thoroughly instructs the beginner and inspires seasoned users toward advancing their skills. It also features engaging practical lessons that can be used as curricula in the classroom or serve as educational tools for the self-learner. Through fun and rewarding projects, students gradually gain confidence in navigating the complexity of 3-D modeling and animation.

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