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Behrooz Parhami

Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms and Hardware Designs

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ISBN: 0195125835
Издательство: Oxford University Press
The field of digital computer architecture has grown explosively in the past two decades. Through a steady stream of experimental research, tool-building efforts, and theoretical studies, the design of an instruction-set architecture has been transformedinto one of the most quantitative branches of computer technology. However, this explosive growth has led to unprecedented harware complexity and almost intolerable development costs. The challenge faxing current and future computer designers is to institute simplicity where we now have complexity; to use fundamental theories being developed in this area to gain performance and ease-of-use benefits from simpler circuits; to understand the interplay between technological capabilities/limitations and soundarchitectural decisions. Computer arithmetic plays a key role in the computer designers' quest for user-friendliness, compactness, simplicity, high performance, low cost, and low power. Parhami's Computer Architecture emphasizes both...