Обложка книги Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture - The Pursuit of Novelty

Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture - The Pursuit of Novelty

ISBN: 0750646470;
Издательство: Architectural Press

Computer Aided Manufacture in Architecture is both a critical introduction and a practical guide to CAM. It argues that our understanding and exploration of CAM requires more than knowledge of the technology involved. It also demands an awareness of itsrelation to existing practices of design and making. By placing CAM within the context of both traditional craft and mechanised mass production, this book shows how we can begin to 'change the craft of design'. Callicott covers both the origins of CAM and its future applications outside of conventional manufacturing. A number of experimental projects - undertaken specifically for the research of the book - consider the strategies for future multi-disciplinary applications. Techniques explored include both the rapid prototyping of objects within the design studio and large-scale examples within the manufacturing industry using CNC machining strategies. Together they provide designers with an unprecedented opportunity to carry...

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