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Simon Shepherd

Cryptography: Diffusing the Confusion (Communications Systems, Techniques and Applications Series)

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ISBN: 0863802702
Издательство: Taylor & Francis Group
Thirty years ago, cryptography was the almost exclusive preserve of the Government and Military. Today it is the key technology underlying the Internet revolution and is of critical commercial and academic importance. The broadband technology necessary to make Internet commerce a reality is already with us, but the best networks in the world are effectively useless if no one will trust them with their sensitive commercial, financial, medical or military data. Most books on cryptography are written by mathematicians for mathematicians and assume more background than many are likely to possess. This book readdresses this balance with self-contained tutorial-styled chapters along with worked examples. Looking to the future, completion of the sequencing of the Human Genome has opened new doors in the treatment of disease. This book suggests it will be cryptographers not medics who will make critical advances.