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Francky Catthoor, Sven Wuytack, Eddy De Greef, Florin Balasa, Lode Nachtergaele, Arnout Vandecappelle

Custom Memory Management Methodology: Exploration of Memory Organisation for Embedded Multimedia System Design

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ISBN: 0792382889
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This book grants the reader a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in system-level memory management (data transfer and storage) related issues for complex data-dominated real-time signal and data processing applications. The authors introduce their own system-level data transfer and storage exploration methodology for data-dominated video applications. This methodology tackles the power and area reduction cost components in the architecture for this target domain, namely the system-level busses and the background memories. For the most critical tasks in the methodology, prototype tools have been developed to reduce the design time. The approach is also very heavily application-driven which is illustrated by several realistic demonstrators, partly used as red-thread examples in the book. The quite general applicability and effectiveness has been substantiated for several industrial data-dominated applications, including H.263 video conferencing decoding and medical computer...