Обложка книги Debugging Strategies For .NET Developers

Debugging Strategies For .NET Developers

ISBN: 1590590597;
Издательство: APRS

Debugging Strategies for .NET Developers is a highly readable exploration of debugging with Microsoft .NET. While many other debugging books focus on obscure techniques for advanced users, this book is packed with real-world examples&emdash;designed for real-world developers &emdash;that convey specific techniques in concert with overall debugging strategies. This book teaches you how to think in terms of debugging with Microsoft .NET. Author Darin Dillon describes debugging concepts, such as assertions and logging, and follows each discussion with first-hand accounts of using these strategies to solve real-world bugs. The book will not only provide you with the techniques, but it will make you a master at recognizing when and howthe techniques need to be applied.