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Roel Wieringa, R. J. Wieringa

Design Methods for Reactive Systems: Yourdon, Statemate, and the UML

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ISBN: 1558607552
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Design Methods for Reactive Systems describes methods and techniques for the design of software systems—particularly reactive software systems that engage in stimulus-response behavior. Such systems, which include information systems, workflow management systems, systems for e-commerce, production control systems, and embedded software, increasingly embody design aspects previously considered alone—such as complex information processing, non-trivial behavior, and communication between different components—aspects traditionally treated separately by classic software design methodologies. But, as this book illustrates, the software designer is better served by the ability to intelligently pick and choose from among a variety of techniques according to the particular demands and properties of the system under development. Design Methods for Reactive Systems helps the software designer meet today's increasingly complex challenges by bringing together...