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Designing Cooperative Systems

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ISBN: 1586030426;
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc

The main goal of the COOP conferences is to contribute to the solution of problems related to the design of cooperative systems, and to the integration of these systems in organizational settings. The conferences are aimed at helping to improve: ? the comprehension of human-human and human-machine cooperative work processes; ? the development of models of cooperation and cooperative work from different perspectives; ? the development of appropriate design methodologies and of new functionalities for cooperative systems. The main assumption behind the COOP conferences is that cooperative systems design requires a deep understanding of the cooperative work of dyads, groups and organizations, involving both artefacts and social conventions. Many disciplines contribute to the field of cooperative systems design: Psychology, Ergonomics, Linguistics, Computer Sciences (Information Systems, Decision-Making Support, Knowledge Engineering, User Interfaces, Distributed Artificial...

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