Обложка книги Designing Embedded Communications Software

Designing Embedded Communications Software


ISBN: 157820125X; 9781578201259;
Издательство: CMP Books
Страниц: 432

Augment system performance Optimize protocol implementation Increase code maintainability Create network communications software with a thorough understanding of the essential system-level design and implementation choices and how they affect the performance and maintainability of your embedded system. An examination of the OSI 7-layer model serves as a starting point for a logical partitioning of software functionality in a communications system. With this foundation, you explore a development model that addresses the complete range of issues in the design of embedded communications software, including real-time operating systems, hardware and software partitioning, layering, and protocol stacks. Delve into the programming techniques (state tables, upper- and lower-level interfaces, configuration techniques, buffer and timer management) that enable clean, understandable implementations of even complex protocols. Explore specialized design issues,...