Обложка книги Digital Logic and State Machine Design

Digital Logic and State Machine Design

ISBN: 0195107233;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

From one of the best-known and successful authors in the field comes this new edition of Digital Logic and State Machine Design. The text is concise and practical, and covers the important area of digital system design specifically for undergraduates. Comer's primary goal is to illustrate that sequential circuits can be designed using state machine techniques. These methods apply to sequential circuit design as efficiently as Boolean algebra and Karnaugh mapping methods apply to combinatorial design.After presenting the techniques, Comer proceeds directly into designing digital systems. This task consists of producing the schematic or block diagram of the system based on nothing more than a given set of specifications. The design serves as the basis for the construction of the actual hardware system. In the new Third Edition, Comer introduces state machines earlier than in previous editions, and adds entire chapters on programmable logic devices and computer organization.

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