Обложка книги e-Management


ISBN: 1852335904;
Издательство: Springer Verlag

In today's rush towards e-Business many organizations have failed to recognize that the responsibilities of IT Managers have significantly changed. No longer do the tried and trusted methods of the 3- or 4-GL lifecycle retain the value they once possessed; and the more we try to fit new e-Business developments into old and ill-fitting processes and practices, the greater the danger of compromising the business altogether. Ian Gouge offers an insight into the very real - and new - challenges faced byIT managers and professionals, such as: - What is e-Business? - What are the implications of e-Business for the IT Professional? - What are the 'systems' expectations of both internal and external customers? - What does the IT Manager need to consider to make an effective contribution to the new business model "e-Management" is a valuable guide for those responsible for the management of IT in the burgeoning world of e-Business. It also provides insight for those business...