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Carl De Ranter, Michiel Steyaert

High Data Rate Transmitter Circuits: Rf Cmos Design and Techniques for Design Automation (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 747)

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ISBN: 1402075456
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
High Data Rate Transmitter Circuits is a practical guide and introduction to the design of key RF building blocks used in high data rate transmitters. The emphasis lies on CMOS circuit techniques applicable to oscillators and upconvertors. Furthermore, amethod for RF-specific design automation is exemplified by the CYCLONE tool for automated LC-VCO synthesis. The accuracy of a simulation depends strongly on the models used for the passive and active components. Therefore, a chapter on practical RF simulation models for MOST devices and planar inductors is included. Polyphase networks can be used for quadrature signal generation and as a complex filter. The book describes in detail the analytical calculations on such networks and includes a practical simulation-based design approach. The final manufacturing step before measuring a chip is the bonding process. In a short chapter the flip-chip bonding technique is discussed and the negative influence of X-ray inspection on chip...