Обложка книги Java Testing Patterns (Java)

Java Testing Patterns (Java)

ISBN: 047144846X; 9780471448464;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 424

* Focuses on software testing, which is one of the most important-and often the most overlooked-aspects of software development * First book that demonstrates how to apply both existing and new design patterns to the job of testing Java software * Explains how applying proven patterns to the testing of software can help ensure that applications function correctly and more efficiently, and are easier to maintain * Patterns will be extensively reviewed online to ensure community support and endorsement * Covers detailed patterns for unit, functional, database, and application deployment testing * Provides complete Java code that applies each pattern to a real-world sample application * Companion Web site provides code for Java pattern implementations, plus code for the sample applications and test suites

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