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Jesse Feiler

Managing the Web-Based Enterprise

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ISBN: 0122513398
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Readers can choose from among many books that guide them through the technology on which e-commerce relies, but virtually none address the subject from a sound business perspective. Managing the Web-Based Enterprise fills this sizable void, offering managers key insights into the nature and future of commerce on the Web. By demonstrating how technology can contribute to success or failure, this book trains readers to make good decisions about technological investment. More importantly, it re-emphasizes the business principles-both traditional and not so traditional-that must be brought to bear on any Web-based project, whatever the technology involved. Though addressed primarily to managers, Managing the Web-Based Enterprise will alsoequip Webmasters and Web application developers with the business sense they need to maximize the value of their contributions. Key Features * Provides a managerial roadmap to site design and maintenance * Unique in the...