Обложка книги Mathematica by Example

Mathematica by Example


ISBN: 0120415631; 9780120415632;
Издательство: Academic Press
Страниц: 571

This third edition of Mathematica by Example is completely compatible with the newly-released Mathematica, Version 5.0. Highly readable and informative, this volume is geared toward the beginning Mathematica user, and focuses on the most often used features of this powerful tool. The book covers popular applications of mathematics within different areas including calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and partial differential equations. * Fully compatible with Mathematica 5.0 * Includes CD-ROM containing all input used in text * Focuses on the beginning Mathematica user * Covers all the basics needed to get up and running with Mathematica, especially for use in mathematics * Written by authors of several successful AP books on Mathematica

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