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Alan Clements

Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software, and Interfacing

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ISBN: 0534948227
Издательство: Brooks Cole
The Third Edition of MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEMS DESIGN covers the design of systems that use Motorola's 68000 family of microprocessors (including the latest generation of 68000 chips), and addresses both hardware and software considerations. Professor Clements' emphasis is practical, providing the necessary detail to enable students to design actual, working systems. The author covers hardware and programming comprehensively in an accessible writing style. A new chapter on the C programming language and itsrelationship to assembly language will appeal to instructors whose courses emphasize software aspects of systems design. A bound-in CD-ROM contains a 68000 cross-assembler and simulator, a C cross-compiler, fragments of the 68000 assembly code from the book, the 68000 and 68020 instruction sets, and documentation.