Обложка книги Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 : Planning, Design, and Implementation

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 : Planning, Design, and Implementation

ISBN: 1555581897;
Издательство: Digital Press

Microsoft Exchange Server V5.0: Planning, Design and Implementation incorporates the author's general expertise gained from 15 years working with corporate messaging systems as well as several years specific experience working with large deployments of Exchange Server. The new functionality of Exchange V5.0 is covered, but the real value lies in the pragmatic and practical attitude taken to solving the problems posed by large-scale implementations of any messaging system. Exchange is not magic and littledifferent to other e-mail systems; it is software that needs to be understood to be implemented well. This book helps system designers, implementation teams, and e-mail administrators understand what Exchange V5.0 is good at and where it needs human assistance to succeed. Foreword by Elaine Sharp, Worldwide Messaging Server Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation, March 1992 to October 1996 Fully covers all features of Microsoft Exchange Version 5.0 Practical guide to...

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