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James Gosling, David S.H. Rosenthal, Michelle J. Arden

News Book: An Introduction to the Network/Extensible Window System (Sun Technical Reference Library)

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ISBN: 0387969152
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
The NeWS Book leads the technical reader through the discovery of a revolutionary window system: the Network extensible Window System, developed by Sun Microsystems. Independent of computer hardware and systems software, NeWS has been ported to a number of platforms and licensed to many computer vendors and software developers. NeWS will be part of the standard UNIX distribution from AT&T in the future as it is combined with the well-known X Window System from MIT in the X11/NeWS product. The specifications are in the public domain. Based on the popular PostScript page description language, NeWS provides a uniquely extensible interpretive programming environment for application developers in a networked graphics and window system environment. Networking is integral to NeWS; NeWS-based programs may span a heterogeneous set of distributed sites. NeWS is the first system to extend the PostScript language's already wide acceptance in printing applications into the realm of graphics and...