Обложка книги Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (4th Edition)

Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (4th Edition)


ISBN: 0130276782;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Exceptionally comprehensive in approach, this book explores the major issues in both design and implementation of modern programming languages and provides a basic introduction to the underlying theoretical models on which these languages are based. The emphasis throughout is on fundamental concepts?readers learn important ideas, not minor language differences--but several languages are highlighted in sufficient detail to enable readers to write programsthat demonstrate the relationship between a source program and its execution behavior--e.g., C, C++, JAVA, ML, LISP, Prolog, Smalltalk, Postscript, HTML, PERL, FORTRAN, Ada, COBOL, BASIC SNOBOL4, PL/I, Pascal. Begins with a background review of programming languages and the underlying hardware that will execute the given program; then covers the underlying grammatical model for programming languages and their compilers (elementary data types, data structures and encapsulation,...