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Rick Grehan, Robert Moote, Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time Programming: A Guide to 32-Bit Embedded Development

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ISBN: 0201485400
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Real-time embedded systems (microprocessors that work in real-time) are all around us--in our cars, microwaves, and video games. Real-Time Programming: A Guide to 32-Bit Embedded Development uses the 32-bit Intel x86 platform to show that it's possible to learn the essence of writing embedded systems without a degree in engineering. The authors first explain what embedded systems are and the strict constraints that developers face when creating embedded software. (Obviously, the failure of an embedded system for a medical or security device will have disastrous consequences.) Next, they introduce a little analysis and design, since questions on hardware and performance requirements are particularly important for embedded systems. The authors use the Phar Lap Realtime ETS ToolSuite Lite as their platform of choice (included on the CD-ROM), along with Microsoft Visual C++. A simple Point of Sale (POS) simulation is the first example, giving the authors a chance to explore...