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Jie Chen, Ron J. Patton

Robust Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Dynamic Systems (Kluwer International Series on Asian Studies in Computer and Information Science, 3)

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ISBN: 0792384113
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
There is an increasing demand for dynamic systems to become safer and more reliable. This requirement extends beyond the normally accepted safety-critical systems such as nuclear reactors and aircraft, where safety is of paramount importance, to systems such as autonomous vehicles and process control systems where the system availability is vital. It is clear that fault diagnosis is becoming an important subject in modern control theory and practice. Robust Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Dynamic Systems presents the subject of model-based fault diagnosis in a unified framework. It contains many important topics and methods; however, total coverage and completeness is not the primary concern. The book focuses on fundamental issues such as basic definitions, residual generation methods and the importance of robustness in model-based fault diagnosis approaches. In this book, fault diagnosis concepts and methods are illustrated by either simple academic examples or practical...