Обложка книги Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68Hc12

Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68Hc12


ISBN: 0195124693;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC12 is the second in a series of processor-specific texts designed to stand alone or to accompany Cady's previous book, Microcontrollers and Microcomputers: Principles of Software and Hardware Engineering (OUP 98). This two-text concept provides well-written text coverage of the general principles of software and hardware design. This accompanying processor-specific volume allows professors to choose a particular microcontroller for their course/lab work. The previous text focused specifically on the Motorola M688HC11. This text provides an introduction to the architecture and design of software and hardware for the Mortorola M68HC12. Specifically, it covers the hardware features of two versions of the M68HC12 -- the M68HC12A4 and the M68HC912B32. In addition to covering and comparing features common with its M68HC11 predecessor, this text features chapter on fuzzy logic and how to program a fuzzy inference engine. A detailed appendix...