Обложка книги The Carrara Studio 3 Handbook (Graphics Series)

The Carrara Studio 3 Handbook (Graphics Series)

ISBN: 1584503106;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Whether you are just starting in 3D or are new to Carrara Studio, The Carrara Studio 3 Handbook will get you up to speed quickly with the powerful modeling, texturing, and animation tools. Nearly 30 step-by-step tutorials and exercises guide you through modeling with subdivision surfaces, spline modeling, UV mapping, shader creation, character rigging, animation, and more. Coverage begins with an overview of general 3D concepts, and quickly moves to customizing the improved Carrara Studio user interface for your own projects. From there you?ll master the powerful modeling tools as you work through tutorials on character, technical, organic, and terrain modeling. Next, you?ll learn to harness Carrara Studio shaders for texturing 3D models, including creating procedural shaders, using projection mapping, shading domains, and putting the new UV Editor to work. To learn the animation tools, you?ll work through tutorials on creating a walk cycle using Inverse Kinematics,...

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