Обложка книги The Usability Business: Making the Web Work

The Usability Business: Making the Web Work

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ISBN: 1852334843;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag Telos

Reviews of the "Politics of Usability" by the same editors: "Designing quality web sites or easy-to-use software is simple: just employ established usability engineering methods. The only hard part is getting people to actually do so instead of basing the design on their own intuition. Luckily, the authors in this book know all the devious tricks that are necessary to get development organizations to do the right thing. Follow their advice and the usability of your products will double." --Dr Jakob Nielsen, Author of "Designing Web Usability" "This well written book shows how to overcome many of the problems of putting research into the theories, methods and techniques of human computer interaction to work in commercial systems projects." --ComputerBulletin A follow-up to the successful "Politics of Usability" this book shows how to apply HCI expertise in the pressured environment of a modern organisation. Quite apart from the need to provide a good usability service cheaply...