Обложка книги UNIX: Visual QuickStart Guide

UNIX: Visual QuickStart Guide


ISBN: 0201353954;
Издательство: Pearson Education

UNIX is the most commonly-used operating system in the world. Once considered too arcane and difficult for the creative user to learn, it is now used daily by millions of Internet users and developers. It's the system the Internet is built on. Thetask of learning UNIX, with its seemingly complicated commands and hundreds of different flavors, can seem daunting without a straightforward guide. UNIX: Visual QuickStart Guide is the easiest way to get going with UNIX. The unique Visual QuickStart presentation strips away the mystery and technical jargon that surround this system. Simple step-by-step instructions, backed up with graphics and illustrations, guide readers through commands and applications both common and obscure. Beginners will applaud the Visual QuickStart Guide's uncomplicated approach, and seasoned UNIX users will find it to be an invaluable reference.

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