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Marc Silver

Exploring Interface Design (Design Exploration Series)

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ISBN: 1401837395
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning
Год издания: 1905
Book Description The user interface?the all-important point of contact between people and technology?is the key to unlocking the full potential of multimedia and the Internet. With a balanced blend of theory and practice, this timely new book explores the art and science of user interface design, teaching a step-by-step methodology guaranteed to result in a productive and rewarding user experience. A no-nonsense, hands-on approach teaches best practice by proposing design problems, presenting potentialsolutions, and then analyzing each approach to determine which works best and why. Drawing on his years of experience, author Marc Silver deconstructs several commercial multimedia and Web site interfaces, showing where they succeed and where they fail and offering workable redesign suggestions to help readers better understand the principles they?ve learned Armed with the knowledge gained from Exploring Interface Design, readers will be able to confidently apply interface design...