Обложка книги Mapping in the Age of Digital Media : The Yale Symposium

Mapping in the Age of Digital Media : The Yale Symposium


ISBN: 0470850760; 9780470850763;
Издательство: Academy Press

In recent years, new digital mapping techniques have begun to alter profoundly the ways we measure and represent space. These techniques operate at a multiplicity of scales - from the global to the local - and are employed in a variety of disciplines, both analytical and creative 3D scanning technology, advanced laser altimetry, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to mention just a few, have produced unique visions of the body and its terrestrial environment. If these new forms of cartographic representation in fact work actively to shape our perceptions of reality, what then are their cultural, aesthetic and political effects? What changes do they bring to the various fields of cultural production - Architecture, Science and Art? Combining the insights of designers, theorists, engineers and artists, this book examines these and related issues, providing an initial interrogation of emerging cartographic practices in the digital age.