Обложка книги Embedded Software: The Works

Embedded Software: The Works

ISBN: 0750679549; 9780750679541;
Издательство: Newnes
Страниц: 416

Book DescriptionEmbedded software needs have grown exponentially over the past quarter century. In 1975 writing 10,000 lines of assembly code was a considered a huge undertaking. Today, a cell phone can contain five million lines of C or C++! Embedded software developers must have a strong grasp of many complex topics in order to make faster, more efficient and more powerful microprocessors to meet the publics growing demand. This practical guide, written by industry pioneer Colin Walls, helps embedded design engineers to rise to that challenge. The author offers expertise and insights from his quarter century of design experience, covering a plethora of major concerns in an easy-to-reference essay format that provides the reader with detailed tips and techniques, and rigorous explanations of technologies. Contributions from other well-known designers in the embedded systems field offer additional seasoned perspectives on everything from exotic memories to USB software. This...

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