Обложка книги Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation

Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation

ISBN: 1-55860-320-4;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Страниц: 888

"This book takes on the challenges of contemporary languages and architectures and prepares the reader for the new compiling problems that will inevitably arise in the future....Compiler design is, in its essence, an engineering activity. The methods that are used, must be ones that provide good solutions to the translation situations that arise in practice, namely, real programs written in real languages executing on real machines. Most of the time, the compiler writer must take the languages and the machines as they come. Rarely is it possible to influence or improve the design of either. It is the engineering choices of what analyses and transformations to perform and when to perform them that determine the speed and quality of an optimizing compiler. Both in the treatment of the optimization material throughout the book and in the case studies..., these design choices are paramount." From the Foreword by Susan L.Graham The...