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Gregory Brill

Codenotes for Java: Intermediate and Advanced Language Features

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ISBN: 0812991923
Издательство: Random House Trade
CodeNotes provides the most succinct, accurate, and speedy way for a developer to ramp up on a new technology or language. Unlike other programming books, CodeNotes drills down to the core aspects of a technology, focusing on the key elements needed in order to understand it quickly and implement it immediately. It is a unique resource for developers, filling the gap between comprehensive manuals and pocket references. CodeNotes for Java: Intermediate and Advanced Language Features will introduce the reader with a grasp of basic Java to advanced object oriented design techniques, collections, IO, multi-threaded applications, internationalization and more. Experienced Java programmers will also benefit from the numerous examples, tips and tricks and design notes that explain why these Java features are fundamentally important to every development effort. This edition of CodeNotes includes: -A global overview of a technology and explanation...