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Pradeep Tapadiya

COM+ Programming: A Practical Guide Using Visual C++ and ATL (With CD-ROM)

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ISBN: 0130886742
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
*Maximizing COM/COM+ software reusability and scalability: practical solutions! *Developing robust enterprise COM+ applications: Proven guidelines and sample code *In-depth coverage: IDL interface design, COM+ synchronization, transactions, queuing, security, events, and more *Techniques for administering distributed component environments Maximizing COM/COM+ reuse and scalability: practical, enterprise-class solutions! If you're ready to develop COM/COM+ enterprise applications, start with this practical, solutions-focused guide! Using case studies and real-world code examples, Hewlett-Packard COM/COM+ expert Pradeep Tapadiya presents COM and COM+ in detail, from a developer's perspective. You'll master powerful techniques for improvingreusability, scalability, and robustness-and discover how to avoid the traps and pitfalls that await the unwary. Tapadiya demonstrates today's best approaches to designing interfaces, building COM servers, dealing with transactions,...