Обложка книги Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition

Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition

ISBN: 1590591038;
Издательство: APRS

New in the second editon: Covers Excel 2000 to 2003 Explains how to access Web Services from Excel programs Shows you how to process lists and XML data with Excel 2003 Microsoft's Excel is not only a powerful spreadsheet and graphics tool&emdash;it contains a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which allows you to automate simple tasks and enables you to create full-featured applications that make Excel users even more productive. In the Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition , veteran author Michael Kofler provides exhaustive coverage of VBA for Excel, demonstrating how it can be used to implement real-world business solutions. Designed to be useful to programmers who have never used VBA before, it also covers advanced topics needed for users already familiar with VBA. First, Kofler introduces VBA and the Excel object model, focusing on the unique characteristics of programming and debugging...

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