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Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis

Designing Web Sites That Sell

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ISBN: 0201793040
Издательство: Pearson Education
When you take on an e-commerce site, you're tackling the most complex Web design challenge of all, one that involves finding the right mix of aesthetics, brand identity, and interactivity--which you then have to fit into a technical tangle of database, customer service, and fulfillment systems. Designing Web Sites That Sell recognizes that good design is more than just a pretty face; it persuades visitorsto act--to look, buy, and come back for more. Written by designers for designers, it's a results-oriented guide to building a profitable e-commerce site without sacrificing design and style. Recent headlines aside, people haven't stopped buying from online stores--just from poorly conceived ones. Designing Web Sites That Sell takes you on a real-world tour of what goes into building and managing a successful e-commerce site, using case studies of thriving examples to...