Обложка книги Extreme Software Engineering: A Hands-On Approach

Extreme Software Engineering: A Hands-On Approach


ISBN: 0130473812;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

This hands-on software engineering volume fills the gap between the way users learn to program and the way software is written in professional practice with an interactive, project-oriented approach that includes guidelines for using XP methods for software engineering , tutorials on the core aspects of XP, and detailed descriptions of what to expect when applying XP to a development project. Using methodologies that are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of future clients, the book providesa detailed description of what happens in a typical cycle during an XP development effort and shows users what to do instead of telling them what to do. The volume provides an introduction to the Core XP practices, and details pair programming, understanding why we test first, the iteration, shaping the development process and core practices and working examples of core practices. For software engineers, developers, and programmers , and managers who want to learn about XP.