Обложка книги Game Design Perspectives (with CD-ROM)

Game Design Perspectives (with CD-ROM)

ISBN: 1584500905;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Interactive Game Design is a new field, and as such its boundaries have yet to be explored. Even within the industry, game designers are treated with a mix of awe and fear, because design is not as predictable as artwork production, or as tangible as programming. And, more important, it lacks formal documented procedures for predictable and repeated success. This unique compilation of design articles provides designers with insight into how their colleagues approach game design, where they have stumbled,and how they have succeeded. The articles are written by a diverse group of designers with a wide variety of gaming backgrounds. The topics covered range from proper design documentation, user interfaces, design theory, characters and storytelling, to quality management, platform- and genre-specific design issues, relationships between designers and the user community, and game development project management. If you are just beginning in game design, youill find new ideas to...