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Jun-ichiro itojun Hangino

IPv6 Network Programming

Обложка книги IPv6 Network Programming

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ISBN: 1555583180, 9781555583187
Издательство: Digital Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 376
This book contains everything you need to make your application program support IPv6. IPv6 socket APIs (RFC2553) are fully described with real-world examples. It covers security, a great concern these days. To secure the Internet infrastructure, every developer has to take a security stance - to audit every line of code, to use proper API and write correct and secure code as much as possible. To achieve this goal, the examples presented in this book are implemented with a security stance. Also, the book leads you to write secure programs. For instance, the book recommends against the use of some of the IPv6 standard APIs - unfortunately, there are some IPv6 APIs that are inherently insecure, so the book tries to avoid (and discourage) the use of such APIs. Another key issue is portability. The examples in the book should be applicable to any of UNIX based operating systems, MacOS X, and Windows XP. * Covers the new protocol just adopted by the Dept of Defense for future...