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Java Platform Exception Handling

ISBN: 5-9579-0079-6; 0131008528;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Robust Java Exception Handling, Testing and Debugging Complete guide to Java platform exceptions and exception handling Proven strategies for architects, designers, and developers Key design patterns for exception management Stephen Stelting Your one-stop tutorial & reference for Java exceptions and exception handling Sorry, you're not perfect. And neither is your code. But you can build more robust software: code that handles unexpected problems gracefully, and keeps on running. In Robust Java, Sun Java expert Stephen Stelting shows you how. Using extensive code examples, Steve covers every facet of Java exceptions and exception handling, encompassing architecture, design, development, testing, and debugging. With the help ofthis book, you'll: Discover best practices for Java exception handling Learn failure mode analysis: how to anticipate where errors are most likely to occur Understand the use of exceptions in complex APIs and frameworks...