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JMX in Action

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ISBN: 1930110561;
Издательство: Manning Publications

Covering the Java Management Extensions specification, this guide teaches programmers how JMX can provide robust management and monitoring capabilities for Java and non-Java resources including hardware. Going beyond covering the API, real-life examples and useful code are demonstrated in detail. In addition to describing the JMX specification, it also provides techniques for using and extending the functionality provided by a JMX system. More specifically, included are all types of MBeans, resources forworking with JMX agents, in- depth chapters covering the JMX agent services, and ways to combine JMX with other Java technologies. Also included are chapters on using JMX with Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and the Java Message Service (JMS) and examples ofJMX adapters that can be used in applications such as TCP adapters and JINI adapters. In addition, the book contains several utility classes that will make JMX application development easier and techniques for extending certain JMX...

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